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Know About Roblox Forum

One of the most popular world-building games on the internet is community-driven Roblox.It focuses on creating virtual environments using building blocks, but also has the usual virtual playground elements like avatar customization, chats and forums. Members and moderators contribute all information on the Roblox forum, which can be helpful when you can’t find something through the usual channels. Forum posts are sorted into the following categories:




  1. ROBLOX Talk. This is the most popular forum on Roblox. The conversation is about Roblox and nothing else. Aggressive moderators make sure it stays that way by ruthlessly deleting off-topic posts. You’d be better of posting in the other categories if you’re a newbie.
  2. Let's Make a Deal. This is where you buy and sell your Roblox items, and post to see if anyone is selling an item you want.
  3. Suggestions & Ideas. This is the Roblox suggestion box.
  4. Game Design. Post your new game ideas in this section.
  5. Building Helpers. All about building. You can share techniques, discuss designs and draft plans here.
  6. Scripting Helpers. Post your programming problems here and help others.
  7. Technical Issues. This is the place to report bugs and technical issues with Roblox.




  1. Hi, I’m New. New to Roblox? Introduce yourself here and make friends. You can also welcome new users.
  2. Role-Playing. Start a role playing thread here.
  3. Rate My Robloxian. Here you can show off your Roblox character and have it judged by others.
  4. ROBLOXiwood. Talk about making movies and posting them on video sites.




  1. Off Topic. Discuss anything in this section (a good idea if it were not such a magnet for trolls).
  2. Forum Games. Make up silly or serious games and post them here.
  3. Other categories in the Entertainment section are Sports, Music and Movies/TV/Books.




  1. World Wide Chat. A chat room for international talk. Members usually post about politics.
  2. Language Center. A forum for different languages.


Club Houses


  1. Clans & Guilds. Groups promote themselves in this section. The rules say no guild wars, but they’re expected to happen.
  2. Scripters. The place where Lua scripters post anything about scripting.