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Blockland vs. Roblox

Minecraft is not the onlygame for world-building fanatics out there. Two similar games are Blockland and Roblox. Both are virtual playgrounds designed for children and focus on building objects and characters using blocks of various materials. Players can also make their creations come alive using scripting commands.



In Roblox, interactive content is created using Lua, a sandboxed scripting language. Virtual worlds are community-based and are created and hosted by the players. Players can customize their avatars and places with gear, clothing and accessories. They can also communicate with other players by sending messages and joining groups. Roblox also features a virtual stock market for investing virtual currencies, the Tickets and Robux. It is free to play Roblox, but certain features can be unlocked only by paying real money.


In Blockland, players build objects using Lego-like building blocks. It is a nonlinear, open world without specific goals. Instead, players are encouraged to design and create structures in single player or multiplayer mode.Using in-game tools, players can change the properties of individual bricks (color, lighting, spawned items). Construction is semi-automated through macros. Blockland also features weapons, vehicles and saving capabilities. A highly limited demo version is available for free download on the Blockland website. To upgrade to the full version, you need to pay a fee.


Pros and Cons


Roblox is praised by users and reviewers for its detailed physics, coding system for anything you want to build and customizable vehicles.It also has lots of weapons, cars, planes, buildings that you can add to your place. On the other hand, some users report server side lag and slow loading speeds. You have to pay a monthly membership fee if you want to access more features, and anyone can access your bricks and delete them.


Blockland gets points for its in-game coding system, fast loading speed, excellent admin system and ability to play with weapons.The game cost is reasonable: you pay a one-time fee of $20 and that’s it. On the con side, the physics does not interact with the player and you can’t customize anything after the game starts. Vehicles can also pass through bricks.